2021 年 NXWV 新浪潮風暴襲捲而來。「饒舌暖男」 HowZ 在年末重磅推出個人全新專輯;SOWUT於《大嘻哈時代》表現亮眼,多首新作廣獲國內外饒舌圈盛讚;廠牌新人 SiNNER MOON x 大哥PEATLE 組成饒舌金屬雙人組「Wolf Pacc / 狼人小隊」炸翻所有現場演出;最神秘的饒舌新星 PONY5IBE 則震撼正式宣布成為 NXWV 旗下藝人。2022年,NXWV 廠牌攜手旗下藝人與熊仔以及 FINX182,猶如「出埃及記」的摩西,《新浪潮 NXWV Cypher》由廠牌全員踏上同心齊力的音樂旅途,在各路夾擊、前擁後簇的世代中,共譜故事序章。歌曲不僅由新任 NXWV 音樂總監 rgry 編曲主導,以電玩元素、Retro 風格的 Synth 及中段漸入鼓點緊湊的髒 808 演繹出「一曲四變奏」的豐富編曲,並與整首作品貫穿的饒唱、快嘴、Baby Voice、咆哮、呢喃、韻腳 wordplay 及 high octane post-language punk 等各式唱腔、風格完美揉合,展現 NXWV「風格無邊界」的音樂全新浪潮,讓聽眾以一首歌的時間體驗多重聽感衝撞。


The NXWV storm has officially hit the music industry with full force in 2021. The year ended on a high note with the release of HowZ's highly anticipated solo album. SOWUT also made a splash in the music scene with his show in "MTV The Rapper," receiving praise from both domestic and international rap circles. SiNNER MOON and PEATLE have formed the dynamic rap-metal duo, "Wolf Pacc" and have been leaving audiences in awe with their explosive live performances. And, in a surprise move, the mysterious new rap star PONY5IBE has officially announced his affiliation with NXWV. Looking ahead to 2022, teaming up with KUMACHAN and FINX182 for their upcoming project, "NXWV Cypher." This collaborative effort is set to be a musical journey reminiscent of the biblical story of "Exodus," as the label's artists come together to tell their own story amidst the challenges and obstacles of their generation. The highly-anticipated single, produced by NXWV's new music director, rgry, is set to be a multi-faceted masterpiece, incorporating elements of electronic gaming, Retro style synth and tight drum beats. The song will showcase a blend of various singing styles, Baby Voice, roaring, whispering, rhyme wordplay, and high octane post-language punk, perfectly blending them all together to showcase NXWV's "boundless style" of music.